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Susti (alternately transliterated 'sousdi', 'sousde', 'susde' and so on) is a deliriously perfect blend of egyptian cotton and organic rayon — while thousands of textile houses around the world make cotton/rayon blends, the Dairi family has apparently found that 'secret' balance treasured by the late world-renown and much beloved designer, Laise Adzer.

It is yummy-soft yet durable, more pill-resistant than most others, and because susti is made from 100% natural fiber it is highly absorbent, meaning the dyes will last for years, even decades, if you treat them right.

As with all your favorite fine garments, wash your susti on LOW or GENTLE in cold water only and hang or spread to dry. It can be dry-cleaned as well, but it is not necessary.

We cannot stress this enough: Your dryer is a brutal and unforgiving demon that steals the life of your clothing with every cycle! Air cycle only, if you must, but NEVER run ANYTHING delicate or precious on heat. Just 15 minutes in that harsh environment can take years of enjoyment away from you as the fibers break down and the colors fade.

Love your clothes and you'll look gorgeous in them much, much longer!

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