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How to choose styles likely to fit you

A dozen years of experience selling this collection online has taught us many many lessons. While we all love the myriad conveniences, we know the most common challenge is not being able to try things on.

When we first began there was nothing much that seemed specific to the challenges of the internet that other retailers were doing. So over time we have pioneered many aspects found here on the site, such as:

* detailed descriptions to help you understand the nature of the fitĀ 

* clearly measuring our garments across the most useful spots and posting them for each garment

* creating a 'how-to' guide for measuring yourself to achieve the most accurate readings

And now we're introducing our 'I AM' key, a series of symbols to help you determine if a particular style is right for you. You'll find these small graphics on every garment page, corresponding to our best recommendations for each individual style.

Simply familiarize yourself with the keys that pertain to you -- by letter or by color -- and look for them on each style's page.

B bust = recommended for those with ample bust-lines

E everyone = recommended for most figures

H hips = recommended for those with ample hips/derrieres

P petite = recommended for those shorter-than-average figures

+ plus = recommended for more ample overall figures

T tall = recommended for those taller-than-average figures

U unisex = recommended for men as well as women

S small = recommended for those who usually wear small/medium sizes

A average = recommended for medium/average figures

For example: if you are 5'2" and 'busty' look for styles that have P and/or B tags.

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